90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (2024)

Spring is a new beginning which means NEW ACTIVITIES!! I have complied some of my favourite things to do when that Spring Equinox rolls around. And I’m not going to say that you have to do all of these spring ideas in order to have the best spring ever, HOWEVER, if you do all of these you are my personal hero, and we should be BFFs because I totally have, too. Check out this spring bucket list and start to check off all the things to do in spring!

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (1)

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All the Best Spring Bucket List Ideas

Has anyone else noticed that the days are getting longer, the temps are rising, and that fun colours are starting to pop back up in stores?! I can’t be the only one that is noticing that spring is right around the corner! The first few weeks of spring are some of the most rejuvenating and refreshing times of the year. As the plants and flowers start to come back to life, it is almost like everything else finds the confidence to kick the doors open and flaunt their stuff!

Your spring bucket list of ideas should be a bit different from mine, since you will want it to be inspired by who you are and what activities you like to do. Spring makes me want to clean out my closets and bake. In spring, I crave to get after a long cold, wet winter. It is spring that gets me excited about outdoor adventures and making plans to explore nature. What would spring ideas will you put on your list of things to do in spring.

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (2)

Go to a Baseball Game

Nothing says “It’s springtime!” quite like“It’s game time!”

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (3)

Photograph the Blossoms

Head to a local botanical garden or along a tree lined street to photograph all the beautiful spring cherry blossoms. Even on a rainy day this is the perfect spring activity to celebrate the arrival of spring.

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (4)

Go for a Nature Walk

Grab your dog, a family member, or even the whole family and hit a nature trail. It is a great way to get some fresh air after a long winter.

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (5)

Have A BBQ

Celebrate the warmer weather by doing a pre-summer warm up by throwing a fun BBQ with your pals! This is one of my favourite springtme activities!

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (6)

Dance in The Rain

April showers bring May flowers but dancing in the rain brings happiness! The spring season may be wet, so try to embrace it.

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (7)

Go to the Zoo

Lions and tigers and bears – oh my! Also, what a perfect opportunity for a cool photo shoot! The arrival of spring is a great time of year to check out the zoo or the petting zoo in your neighbourhood.

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (8)

Decorate Easter Eggs

Easter is coming so be sure to get those Easter eggs all dyed and decorated before the Easter bunny arrives! Doesn’t everyone have this on their spring bucket list of ideas?

Plant Flowers

Tulips and sunflowers are finally back in season so celebrate these radiant flowers by planting some in the yard for everyone to enjoy. If you are lucky, you might even find a four-leaf clover.

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (9)

Plan a Picnic

Time to break out that checkered red and whiteblanket, a couple of sandwiches, and maybe a bottle of wine and go enjoy itwith bae.

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (10)

Try Kayaking or Canoeing

Spring is the perfect time to get outdoors for fun activities and needs to be on your ultimate spring bucket list. I am especially fond of spring glacier kayaking in BC.

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (11)

Fly a Kite

Teach a kid in your life (or even your boyfriend!) how to fly a kite on a windy, spring day.

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (12)

Take a Family Photo or any Fun Photo

Take the fam out for a shopping trip, get matching outfits, and go out for a force family fun photo shoot!

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (13)

Enjoy an Outdoor Concert

Festival season is upon us once again so goout and find one that you know you and your pals won’t want to miss.

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (14)

Jump in Puddles

Let loose and stomp in puddles like you didwhen you were young! Relive those days after those spring storms.

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (15)

Celebrate Peanut Butter Lovers Day

On March 1st, you will find me munching on my or one of my creamy peanut butter pie recipes. You can also pick something from my list of the best peanut butter recipes.

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (16)

New Outdoor Fitness Class

As for me, I LOVE me some yoga in the park. Look up to see what is being offered around you so that you can get your bod super summer ready while enjoying the warmer days.

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (17)

Read a Book in the Park

Nothing says relaxation quite like chilling ina park on a sunny day with your favorite book. Bonus points if it’s a dog park!

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (18)

Go to a Local Farmer’s Market

Fresh food is back and better than ever – YAY! Go support your local farmer’s markets and collect some goodies. Fresh fruits and berries need to be on your list. Maybe even pick up a bouquet of fresh flowers to bring home, too.

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (19)

Eat Ice Cream

This one is a given – I’ll be back after I finish my mint chocolate chip. You might like this gluten free vegan cookie dough ice cream recipe or pick from my list of the best ice cream recipes.

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (20)

Go on a Bike Ride

A perfect way to exercise and enjoy the beauty of spring outdoors! This is one of my favourite things to in spring.

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (21)

Play with Sidewalk Chalk

Make some sidewalk art for everyone to enjoyand use chalk to literally drawinspiration!

Take a Road Trip with the Windows Down

Not cold enough for the heater but not hot enough for the AC? Perfect! Take a day trip somewhere with all the windows down and music blasting! Read up on the best road trip tips first!

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (22)

Find the End of a Rainbow

Once the storm clouds part and a rainbowappears – take an adventure and find the end of a rainbow!

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (23)

Watch the Sunrise + Sunset

Now that the temps aren’t the same numbers as our ages anymore, go out and enjoy the cool mornings and evening to watch the sun do a colour dance in the sky! Grab a pic to post and don’t forget to check out my sunrise and sunset captions.

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (24)

Collect Fireflies

*Alexa, play the 2009 classic* When the sun goes down, run around in grassy areas to find these adorable glowing bugs! Who else has this on their list of things to do in spring?!?

Bake a Pie

Sweet treats on a beautiful sunny day makes for a great start to spring. Grandma would be proud. How about this chocolate chunk pecan pie recipe or pick from my list of the best pie recipes!

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (25)

Celebrate Earth Day

Take time today (and every day!) to go outside and clean your neighbourhood litter, recycle daily, and maybe even plant a tree today! Read up on some sustainability tips, too.

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (26)

Spring Clean Your Closet

Pull a Marie Kondo and if it doesn’t spark joy– throw. it. out. Well, go donate it to a local charity or Goodwill.

Buy a New Spring Dress

SPRING MEANS NEW SPRING DRESSES. There is also a ton with pockets now. POCKETS!!

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (27)

Make Homemade Lemonade

You can help a child set up their first lemonade stand and make lemonade with them or you can enjoy it alllll to yourself! Either way, nothing beats a cup of refreshing cup of lemonade. How about this sparking strawberry lemonade recipe or this colour changing lemonade recipe? If you are like me, lemonade making is on your spring bucket list of ideas.

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (28)

Create a Spring Bucket List Playlist

Because who doesn’t need a fresh playlist forone of the most refreshing seasons?! Blast it while doing your spring cleaning,too.

Find a Food Truck Event

Did I hear street tacos?? I think that’s enough said.

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (29)

Soak in a Hot Spring

Look up hot springs near you or if you’re jetting off on a spring break vacay, find a hot spring to soak in and enjoy the longer days.

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (30)

Get a Fresh Haircut

You don’t need to chop all your hair off, butwouldn’t spring feel nicer without extra weight on your shoulders? I know, badpun.

Decorate the House with Flowers

Now that flowers are blooming EVERYWHERE, let your home be one more place that anyone can find them! Drought tolerant plants are a great option for cut flowers as they can survive in low-water conditions and still produce beautiful blooms.

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (31)

Go Geocaching

Using GPS to play a grown up version ofhide-and-seek with containers, start exploring your region by geocaching!

Get Your Nails Spring Ready

Because we all need sparkles and pastels to go with all our outfits this season. Duh! What spring ideas do you have for your nails this year?

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (32)

Make Crafts with Kids

The kiddos all need something to do duringtheir Spring Break, too! For the kids in your life, set up fun crafts that evenyou will want to participate in.

Backyard Movie Night

Depending on where you are in the world, the weather may not be in your favour for this one. But if you can, set up a projector and a popcorn bar for a fun evening! I am DYING to do this and hoping to check it off my spring bucket list soon. Pick a favourite rom-com or travel movie.

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (33)

Feed Ducks in a Pond

We see sweet little, old people do it all thetime so we should, too! (But only if rules and laws state that you can!)

Make Homemade Pizzas

Did someone say PIZZA?! Throw a little get together with friends and compile all of your fav toppings with your fav people. What about a cute heart shaped pizza?

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (34)

Create a Town-Wide Scavenger Hunt

Use Pinterest to create your very own scavenger hunt with friends and fam! Sprinkle items throughout famous landmarks in your town for added fun.

Play Catch Outside

Whether it be with your pup, your siblings, or a friend – enjoy going outside and tossing a ball or frisbee! Beau definitely loves to play ball and I would say that is the top of HIS spring bucket list!

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (35)

Play with Bubbles

Now who doesn’t love bubbles? Grab your bestie and enjoy one of your childhood favourite activities. Come on…add this to your spring bucket list ASAP!

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (36)

Visit with Your Grandparents

With new beginnings, start new traditions!Visit your grandparents a couple time or give them a call to just say hi!

Sunbathe in Your Backyard

Start your summer tan early and get some sun laying in your backyard. Don’t forget the SPF!

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (37)

Run Around in Sprinklers

You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy thissimple, front yard pleasure! Grab the dog and run around!

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (38)

Other Great Springtime Activities

  • Do a Room Refresh by Painting
  • Set up your Patio Furniture
  • Cook with Fresh Veggies
  • Pick Wildflowers
  • Wear Pastels
  • Make some easy spring centerpieces
  • Make a Smoothie
  • Have a Tea Party
  • Use a garden planner to plan your summer garden
  • Stargaze or Take Star Photos
  • Start an Herb Garden
  • Make a Raised Garden Bed
  • Go Horseback Riding
90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (39)

Favourite Activities List for Springtime

  • Start your Vegetable Garden
  • Attend A Carnival
  • Play Outside Like a Kid
  • Make Your Summer Bucket List
  • Take Or Plan a Camping Trip
  • Plan a lavender garden
  • Try a New Hairstyle
  • Plan Your Summer Road Trip
  • Hang A Hummingbird Feeder or Bird Feeder
  • Play Mini Golf
  • Play an April Fool’s Day Prank
  • Hang Clothes Outside to Dry
  • Walk Barefoot in the Grass
  • Declutter your House
  • Do an Outdoor Photoshoot
  • Plan Landscaping Projects
  • Dine Outdoors at a Restaurant
  • Go Fishing
  • Fly a Kite
  • Have a Garage Sale
  • Make or Buy a Wind Chime
90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (40)

Add These to You Spring to do List

  • Bake Spring Cookies
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Clean Up the Yard
  • Propagate Some Plants
  • Dye Easter Eggs
  • Volunteer Gardening
  • Have a Game Night
  • Get paid to play games and save for summer!
  • Plant Some Flowers
  • Go To an Easter Egg Hunt
  • Have a Bonfire
  • Play Frisbee
  • Open Your Windows
  • Make an Easter Basket
  • Pick Up Litter
  • Hand Wash Your Car
  • Visit a Local Farm
  • Create a Fairy Garden
  • Visit a New Park
  • Go to the Beach
  • Pick Strawberries
90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (41)

What is on Your Spring Bucket List?

Let me know what you end up doing from this spring things list. Don’t forget to take pics because we love photos of all things spring! If you have any other spring ideas that I should add to this spectacular list, please comment below.

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90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (42)
90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (43)

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Spring Equinox:

The Spring Equinox marks the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. It occurs around March 20th or 21st each year when the sun crosses the celestial equator, resulting in equal day and night lengths. It is a time when the days start to become longer and the weather begins to warm up. [[1]]

Baseball Game:

Attending a baseball game is a popular springtime activity. Baseball is often associated with spring as it is one of the major sports played during this season. It is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and support your favorite team. [[2]]

Blossom Photography:

Photographing blossoms, especially cherry blossoms, is a common spring activity. Many botanical gardens or tree-lined streets offer beautiful opportunities to capture the vibrant colors of spring. It can be a visually pleasing and enjoyable experience for photography enthusiasts. [[3]]

Nature Walk:

Taking a nature walk is a great way to enjoy the fresh air and embrace the beauty of spring. Whether it's a solo walk, a walk with your dog, or a family outing, nature walks provide an opportunity to appreciate the awakening of plants and animals after the winter season. [[4]]


Having a BBQ is a popular springtime activity, especially as the weather becomes warmer. It's a chance to gather with friends and family, enjoy delicious food, and celebrate the arrival of spring. [[5]]

Dancing in the Rain:

Dancing in the rain can be a fun and liberating activity, especially during the rainy spring season. It's a way to embrace the weather and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. [[6]]

Zoo Visit:

Visiting the zoo is a common springtime activity, especially for families. It provides an opportunity to see and learn about various animals, and it can be a fun and educational experience for people of all ages. [[7]]

Easter Egg Decoration:

Decorating Easter eggs is a traditional activity associated with the Easter holiday, which often falls in the spring. It involves dyeing and decorating eggs in various colors and designs, and it can be a creative and enjoyable activity for individuals or families. [[8]]

Flower Planting:

Spring is a popular time for planting flowers, as many varieties start to bloom during this season. Planting flowers like tulips and sunflowers can add beauty and color to your surroundings, and it can be a rewarding experience to watch them grow and flourish. [[9]]


Having a picnic is a classic springtime activity. It involves packing a meal, often including sandwiches and snacks, and enjoying it outdoors, usually on a blanket. It's a great way to relax, soak up the sun, and appreciate nature. [[10]]

Kayaking or Canoeing:

Spring is a great time to engage in outdoor water activities like kayaking or canoeing. It allows you to explore rivers, lakes, or even coastal areas while enjoying the pleasant weather and beautiful scenery. [[11]]

Flying a Kite:

Flying a kite is a popular springtime activity, especially on windy days. It can be a fun and relaxing experience, and it's a great way to enjoy the outdoors and take advantage of the spring breeze. [[12]]

These are just a few of the activities mentioned in the article. If you would like information on any specific activity or have any other questions, feel free to ask!

90 of the BEST Spring Bucket List Ideas (2024)


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