The Ultimate Spring Bucket List For Families (100 Activities) | Rediscovered Families (2024)

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Need some Spring activities for kids aged 6-8 years? We scoured the Internet to make the ULTIMATE spring bucket list for families. We’ve got the best indoor and outdoor activities, free printables, art projects, STEM and more. Click over to get 100 of the best activities the Internet has to offer. Let’s make this the best spring ever.

In a hurry? Use the table of contents below to jump straight to the sections that interest you.

  • Outdoor Spring Activities For Families
  • Spring Scavenger Hunt printable
  • Indoor Spring Activities for Families
  • Spring Crafts for Kids
  • Printables For Spring
  • Rock Painting With a Spring Theme
  • Spring Treats For Kids to Make
  • Science Experiments
  • Tips For Using the Spring Bucket List for Families
The Ultimate Spring Bucket List For Families (100 Activities) | Rediscovered Families (1)

Spring seems to have arrived. The weather is getting warmer, the geese are returning, and the daffodils are pushing through the soil. We are trying not to get too excited, because we could still get a snowstorm or two. Still, it seems as if the long weeks of winter are behind us and we can enjoy the sweet bliss of going outside without dressing for Arctic survival.

Why not ditch your to do list for a while and enjoy these first warm spring days with your children? I ‘ve scoured the Internet to put together the ultimate spring bucket list for families.

It is packed full of easy, budget friendly spring activities for families. Most of the activities are suitable for kids 6-8 years old but can easily be adapted for older or younger age groups.

Let’s get this show on the road!

The Ultimate Spring Bucket List For Families (100 Activities) | Rediscovered Families (3)

Outdoor Spring Activities For Families

First off, if you are anything like me, you will be desperate to get outside once the warmer weather hits. Anything to get out of the house and into nature. This is a mucky time of year, so dress for the mud and go outside. Here are some simple activities you can add to your spring bucket list.

  1. Splash in puddles or dance in the rain.
  2. Make mud pies or put-on old clothes and just play in the mud.
  3. Go hunting for tadpoles and maybe even watch them grow into frogs.
  4. Grab a blanket and enjoy a picnic lunch outside – This waterproof tote blanket isperfect for this time of year!
  5. Have a spring photo hunt.
  6. Fly a kite. You could buy one or try making one of your own.
  7. Spring is the perfect time to create giant bubbles with the kids for more bubble fun check out these ideas.
  8. Go on a nature hunt to collect materials and then use them to make fairy houses.
  9. Break out the skipping rope and sidewalk chalk. Teach your kids the skipping rhymes you used as a kid. Show them how to play hopscotch. If you have forgotten those skipping rhymes, this might help.
  10. Participate in a spring clean-up day in your local community. Volunteering together is a great way to connect with your while you give back to your community—win-win!
  11. Collect and press some spring flowers. Then use them to make a spring flower sun catcher.
  12. Give your bicycles an annual tune up. Here’s a handy check list.
  13. Get creative with some nature weaving.
  14. Try this egg carton nature project. It is a great way to teach kids about the great outdoors. This was written for Fall but can easily be adapted for spring.
  15. Roll down the hill. You may want to wait until it is dry though!
  16. Try some outdoor ball games
The Ultimate Spring Bucket List For Families (100 Activities) | Rediscovered Families (4)
  1. Spring is the perfect time to make some land art with your kids.
  2. If you live near some water, try skipping stones.
  3. Plant something (it doesn’t matter what) in the garden. No garden? Plant something in a container.
  4. Try making and using mud paint. Your kids will love it!
  5. Poohsticks is the fabulous spring activity to enjoy with your kids. Get out in the fresh air and give this fun game a go.
  6. Try your hand at stone stacking art
  7. Show your kids how to make a whistle from a blade of grass or a willow branch
  8. Climb some trees.
  9. Watch the birds build a nest. If you are lucky you may even see the chicks being fed. Don’t go to close though.
  10. Stand under an umbrella in the pouring rain!
  11. Combine math and science and get outside with this simple bug hunt.
  12. Sculpt clay nature faces on a tree trunk. I love this creative idea.
  13. Make paper airplanes and see which one files the farthest.
  14. Create sunprints with leaves or flowers
  15. Start a spring nature collection
  16. Try pounding flowers and leaves with stones to leave an imprint on material.
  17. Participate in a spring clean-up day in your local community.Volunteering together is a great way to connect with your while you give back to your community—win-win!
The Ultimate Spring Bucket List For Families (100 Activities) | Rediscovered Families (5)

Spring Scavenger Hunt printable

One easy way to get outside is to enjoy a scavenger hunt. We’ve gathered together a bunch of different options that will keep you kids engaged and get you outside. They all come with free printables. You’ll definitely want to include some of these on your family bucket list for the season.

  1. This cute Spring Backyard Scavenger Hunt for kids is a activity for kids to learn about changing seasons. They will love exploring the outdoors while hunting for nature stuff.
  2. Get out in nature and explore the wonders of Spring with a backyard scavenger hunt. A fun activity for early-elementary and preschool-aged kids.
  3. Go outside and spot the signs of spring with this free scavenger hunt. While you are outside why not plant some sunflowers as well?
  4. Grab a copy of this FREESpring scavenger huntprintable and get your kids outside!
  5. Make a special listening tube and then head outside to observe nature.
  6. Enjoy some time outdoors with kids during the spring and summer with this set of two nature scavenger hunts for kids.
  7. Have a springphoto hunt.

Indoor Spring Activities for Families

Let me say this straight, there are going to be some days during Spring where the weather is too awful to go out. We’ve all been there. The kids are bored, out of sorts, and ready to go to war over the stretchy alien toy. What is the secret to surviving such days? Have a list of fun indoor activities ready to go at a moment’s notice. We’ve added a huge selection to our spring bucket list for families. Which ones will you choose?

Spring Crafts for Kids

  1. Break out the origami paper and make some paper tulips. You could also try your hand at an origami frog.
  2. These amazing melted crayon canvases are fun for the whole family. It is a great way to use up your leftover crayons.
  3. Cupcake liner flowers are super easy and can be made by kids of different ages. So, start by eating a bunch of ice cream and save the popsicle sticks. Then make this pretty flower popsicle stick craft to brighten up a rainy day!
  4. Get in the spring spirit with this adorable bunny craft that turns a tin can into a bunny dish!
  5. Make some nature clay prints with clay and blossoms.
  6. Create some spring window murals with foam sheets and water
  7. Learn how to make a seed cup out of paper. Fill it with soil and plant something.
  8. Grab a squeegee and make some fun Spring crafts with this squeegee art activity!
  9. Get ready for Earth Day with a recycled plastic water bottle sun catcher that is perfect for any garden!
  10. Try these paper plate chick sewing crafts
  11. Finger knit some cute bunnies.
  12. Make a cute bird nest with yarn and glue.
  13. Whip up a batch of these cute butterflies and fly them around the house. Attach them to spring clothes pins and you can clip them to curtains, bag, or boots.
  14. Try your hand at sewing with this mini pocket bunny. They are so adorable.
  15. Looking for a fun spring coloring page? This post has a free Butterfly Coloring Page that is great for kids of all ages (and adults too)! You can also download some free coloring pages from the amazing Joanna Basford. Why not color them together?
  16. Get your crafty on and make a decorated flowerpot. You can use it as a gift or plant something for your own garden.
  17. Break out the art supplies to make a paper plate spring wreath.
  18. MakeEggheads. I loved making these when I was a kid.
  19. Make a friendship bracelet in beautiful Spring colors
  20. Make a play a Spring memory game
  21. Make and fold these flowers. Then place them in water and watch them unfold like magic.

Printables For Spring

Printable activities are easy to prepare and can keep kids busy for ages. All you have to do is download and print. It couldn’t be any simpler. I’ve searched the Internet for some fabulous printables. And the best part? They are all free.

  1. Celebrate the spring weather with a fun and free printable spring word search for kids. Print it to do together as a family!
  2. Make a play this delightful catch a bug game.
  3. Use this FREE Printable Spring Bingo Game to play Spring Bingo perfect for families, birthday parties, garden parties, and more!
  4. Spread kindness in the spring with this family-friendly spring kindness challenge. We’ve got more acts of kindness for Spring here.
  5. These cute garden themed BINGO cards are a perfect way to celebrate spring and the new garden season!
  6. Make some Spring bookmarks so you never loose your place again
  7. You know how much kids love jokes? Get everyone laughing with these free printable Spring jokes.
  8. Put together a Spring mini book. It is a super easy project.
  9. Here’s a fun Spring joke cootie catcher. Download, print and play
  10. Challenge everyone to watch for the first signs of spring. Who will spot them first?
  11. Put together a free Easter activity book. It is packed with puzzles, coloring pages and games.
  12. Print out a free birdwatching book and introduce your kids to the joys of birdwatching
The Ultimate Spring Bucket List For Families (100 Activities) | Rediscovered Families (7)

Rock Painting With a Spring Theme

Kids love rock painting. So, do I to be honest! Collect or buy a stash of smooth rocks to have on hand for the following spring art projects.

  1. Learn how to make painted rocks into simple and pretty spring flowers. It’s an activity the whole family can enjoy.
  2. Get with your kids and plan a garden with these cute DIY garden rocks! They make a perfect spring craft, and you can use them to mark the rows in your garden. They also make a great gift for a parent.
  3. Aren’t these Ladybug Painted Rocks the cutest? These adorable little bugs will look amazing in your home and outside in your garden.
  4. Create a fairy garden full of quaint littlePainted Rock Fairy Houses.Pop them amongst your flowers for a touch of whimsy.
  5. TheseEaster egg rocksare simple to make and look wonderful! Use them as part of your Easter decor or hide them outside for a non-candy Easter egg hunt.
  6. Use paint pens to make some cute Easter Bunny rocks

Spring Treats For Kids to Make

Kids are always hungry, so why not enjoy some easy Spring treats and snacks? Kids aged 6-8 can help make the following.

  1. Gluten-Free Carrot Cake Sugar Cookies are fun, delicious, and full of veggies! They’re a perfectly cute & kid-friendly treat for any Easter or Spring celebration!
  2. Everyone will love this these Easter Bunny Cut-Out Sugar Cookies. They are fun to decorate after they have baked.
  3. Everyone loves ice lollies. These fun fresh watermelon popsicles have just three ingredients are super simple to make.
  4. Your kids will love these flowerpot cupcakes.
  5. This classic strawberry ice cream recipe is easy to make. With fresh, luscious berries it is bursting with strawberry flavour.
  6. Whip up a batch of quick and easy butterfly cupcakes. They are sure to be a hit.
  7. I love these healthy pretzel butterflies. They are almost too cute to eat.
  8. Get your kids eating vegetables with these adorable carrots in a pot.

Related: Round up your kids to make some simple Easter Treats. These are so easy your kids can make them with minimal super

Science Experiments

  1. Learn more about what seeds need to grow with this simple experiment.
  2. Make gardening with the kids this spring even more fun this year with their own garden journal! Track plant growth, watering, and there’s plenty of room for sketches of their plants!
  3. Try your hand at making some seed bombs.
  4. It is so much fun watching plastic egg parachutes fall from the sky. You probably have all the things you need to make one at home already.
  5. Enjoy the new growth in spring with your own recycled seed starters!
  6. Get into the spirit of spring and show off your green thumb with a shamrock garden.
  7. Density makes a rainbow! Use ingredients from the kitchen to test density and create a spring rainbow at the same time!
  8. This fun and creative activity helps children visualize aButterfly Life Cycleby encouraging them to think of edible items to represent each stage of the cycle.
  9. Discover why bird beaks are different shapes with this fun investigation.
  10. Put bean seeds in a resealable plastic bag with a folded wet paper towel.Tape the bags to a window and watch what happens.If you prefer not to use plastic bags you can do the same thing in a glass jar.
  11. Have you tried the growing Grass Heads? Adapt the idea and have your childrengrow their hand prints. What fun!
  12. Make abutterfly feeder.
  13. Show your kids how rain forms with this easyscience experiment.
  14. Grow some beautiful crystal flowers

Related: For more science check out our Spring Science Activities.

Tips For Using the Spring Bucket List for Families

There are a lot of items on this list. They are all fun! Can you do everyone? Probably not and we don’t intend you too. The idea was to give you a ton of ideas to choose from. Pick the ones that appeal the most and create your own personal Spring bucket list. You know your kids best and can quickly spot the things they will love doing.

You can select what you want to do. Alternatively, invite older children to read our spring bucket list for families and choose the activities that appeal the most. Then schedule time in the calendar to do them. Some years you may check off 50 activities and other years manage 10. It doesn’t matter. The idea is to spend time together.

Your turn

Do you have any suggestions to add to our Spring bucket list for families? What are your favorite spring activities. Please leave a comment below.

The Ultimate Spring Bucket List For Families (100 Activities) | Rediscovered Families (8)

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Insights, advice, suggestions, feedback and comments from experts

As an expert and enthusiast, I have personal experiences or opinions, but I can provide you with information on the concepts used in this article. Let's go through the concepts mentioned in the article:

Outdoor Spring Activities For Families

  • Spring Scavenger Hunt printable: A scavenger hunt is a game where participants search for specific items on a list. In this case, there is a printable list of items related to spring that can be used for a scavenger hunt outdoors.
  • Splash in puddles or dance in the rain: This activity involves jumping and playing in puddles or enjoying the rain by dancing outside.
  • Make mud pies or play in the mud: Children can engage in imaginative play by making mud pies or simply playing in the mud.
  • Go hunting for tadpoles and watch them grow into frogs: This activity involves searching for tadpoles in ponds or other bodies of water and observing their transformation into frogs.
  • Enjoy a picnic lunch outside: Families can pack a lunch and enjoy it outdoors, either in a park or in their backyard.
  • Fly a kite: Flying a kite is a popular outdoor activity during spring when there is usually a good amount of wind.
  • Create giant bubbles: Children can have fun creating and playing with giant bubbles using bubble solution and wands.
  • Nature hunt and make fairy houses: Families can go on a nature hunt to collect materials such as leaves, twigs, and flowers, and then use them to build fairy houses or other nature-inspired creations.
  • Skipping rope and sidewalk chalk: Children can learn and play traditional skipping rope games and draw with sidewalk chalk.
  • Participate in a spring clean-up day: Families can volunteer together to clean up their local community, helping to beautify the area and promote environmental awareness.
  • Collect and press spring flowers: Flowers can be collected and pressed to preserve their beauty, and they can be used for various crafts and projects.
  • Give bicycles an annual tune-up: This involves checking and maintaining bicycles to ensure they are in good working condition for the spring season.
  • Nature weaving and egg carton nature project: These are creative activities that involve using natural materials like twigs and leaves to weave or create art.
  • Roll down the hill and outdoor ball games: Rolling down a grassy hill and playing various ball games are fun outdoor activities for children.
  • Make land art and try skipping stones: Land art involves creating artistic designs or arrangements using natural materials found in the environment, and skipping stones is a traditional activity where participants try to make stones skip across the surface of the water.
  • Plant something in the garden: Families can engage in gardening activities by planting seeds or plants in their garden or in containers.
  • Make and use mud paint: Mud can be mixed with water and natural pigments to create a paint-like substance that can be used for artistic purposes.
  • Play Poohsticks: Poohsticks is a game where participants drop sticks into a stream or river from one side of a bridge and see whose stick emerges first on the other side.
  • Try stone stacking art and make a whistle from grass or a willow branch: Stone stacking art involves balancing stones on top of one another to create sculptures, and making a whistle involves using grass or a willow branch to create a simple musical instrument.
  • Climb trees and watch birds build nests: Children can climb trees under supervision, and observing birds building nests can be an educational and entertaining activity.
  • Stand under an umbrella in the rain: This activity involves standing outside with an umbrella and experiencing the rain while staying dry.
  • Bug hunt and clay nature faces: Children can search for and observe bugs in their natural environment, and clay can be used to create faces on tree trunks or other surfaces.
  • Make paper airplanes and sunprints with leaves or flowers: Making paper airplanes is a classic activity, and sunprints involve using the sun's rays to create photographic prints of leaves or flowers.
  • Start a spring nature collection and pound flowers and leaves: Children can collect natural objects such as rocks, shells, or leaves and create a nature collection. Pounding flowers and leaves with stones can create imprints on fabric or paper.
  • Spring Scavenger Hunt printable: Another mention of a scavenger hunt, this time with a focus on spring-related items to find outdoors.

Indoor Spring Activities for Families

  • Spring Crafts for Kids: This section of the article suggests various crafts that children can engage in during the spring season. Some examples include making paper tulips, melted crayon canvases, cupcake liner flowers, and origami frogs.
  • Printables For Spring: Printable activities are provided, including a spring word search, catch a bug game, Spring Bingo, kindness challenge, and garden-themed BINGO cards.
  • Rock Painting With a Spring Theme: Rock painting is mentioned again, this time with a spring theme. Examples include painting rocks as flowers, ladybugs, Easter eggs, or fairy houses.
  • Spring Treats For Kids to Make: This section suggests easy spring-themed treats that children can help make, such as carrot cake sugar cookies, Easter bunny cut-out sugar cookies, watermelon popsicles, flowerpot cupcakes, strawberry ice cream, and pretzel butterflies.
  • Science Experiments: The article includes some science experiments related to spring, such as seed growth experiments, seed bombs, plastic egg parachutes, recycled seed starters, and a shamrock garden experiment.

Tips For Using the Spring Bucket List for Families

This section provides tips on how to make the most out of the spring bucket list for families. It suggests that not all activities need to be done and encourages personalizing the list based on the interests of the family members. It also emphasizes the importance of spending time together as a family and scheduling activities in the calendar.

These are the main concepts covered in this article. I hope this information is helpful to you!

The Ultimate Spring Bucket List For Families (100 Activities) | Rediscovered Families (2024)


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